Wall lighting

Wall lighting: both functional and decorative
For wall lighting that is both functional and decorative, you’ve come to the right place at Lucide. We are a market leader in this area and we know exactly what your home needs to create the right lighting. Although all these lamps are mounted on the wall, there is still plenty to choose from. We don’t just offer wall lights for a diffuse light distribution, but also wall spotlights that create beautiful lighting accents.

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Wall lighting

Types of wall lighting
On our website you can simply find the Lucide wall lighting you like. You can use the filter options for this. For example, you can select wall lights. These lights create a quite beautiful atmosphere with their diffuse light effect. At Lucide, you can choose from wall lights for practically every interior style: from modern and industrial to classic, rustic and retro. We even have what you need for the home look of the Scandinavian vintage style.

Wall spotlights and picture lights
Are you looking for accent lighting for your wall? Check out our wall spotlights. Here, too, Lucide offers numerous options, including your ideal home style, design, material, and colour. If you want to highlight a painting or design object on the wall, select the picture lights of Lucide. This gives the art object all the attention it deserves. For example, the bundled light makes the colours of the piece stand out much more strongly.

Bedside lamps
For the bedroom specifically, Lucide offers wall lighting for bedside lamps. These lamps are both functional and trendy. In addition, most have an on/off switch and we even have bedside lamps with a USB charger. These lamps are ideal to charge your smartphone or tablet with at night.

Mirror lights and plug in lights
In addition, our wall lighting range offers a selection of mirror lights. These lights lend the mirrors in your bathroom and toilet an air of luxury. We have focused on various beautiful designs as well as functionality. For mirror lights, for example, it is important to pay attention to the IP value compared to the area of use. If you often need an extra source of light, we would advise you to look into our range of plug in lights. This allows you to use your sockets optimally.