Outdoor recessed lighting

High-quality recessed lighting for outside
If you’re looking for outdoor recessed lighting, you’ve come to the right place at Lucide. We offer various types of deck lights that are all characterised by a high-quality and an affordable price. Outdoor recessed lighting is often used as orientation lighting along a garden path or driveway. And these lights also offer the perfect opportunity to stylishly light a special garden ornament, tree or plant, for example. With deck lights you create a great eye-catcher, even in the dark.

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Lucide BILTIN - Deck light Indoor/Outdoor - Ø 10,8 cm - 1xGU10 - IP67 - Black



Lucide BILTIN - Deck light Indoor/Outdoor - 1xGU10 - IP67 - Black



Lucide BILTIN - Deck light Indoor/Outdoor - Ø 10,8 cm - 1xGU10 - IP67 - Satin Chrome



Lucide BILTIN - Deck light Indoor/Outdoor - 1xGU10 - IP67 - Satin Chrome



Outdoor recessed lighting

Outdoor recessed lighting to orient by
To find your way in the garden when it’s dark, Lucide outdoor recessed lighting offers the perfect solution. Place the deck lights along your garden path to your cabin, gazebo or pool area, for example. But these deck lights are also perfect for driveways. When you come home late at night or leave early in the morning, these deck lights offer you high-quality orientation lighting!

Light up your garden
By installing outdoor recessed lighting, you create a cosy atmosphere to endlessly enjoy those long summer evenings. But these beautiful deck lights also allow you to accentuate special eye-catchers – not only during the day, but also in the dark. Regardless of the season. Our outdoor recessed lighting will beautifully light up your best eye-catchers during the entire year. Who wouldn’t want that?

Powerful beams of light with the best protection
The Lucide outdoor recessed lighting offers powerful beams of light colours including extra warm white (up to 2700K), but also cool white (more than 4000K). The choice is yours. And what’s more, our deck lights are also the epitome of safety. Most have the protection class IP67. This high IP class makes sure that your deck lights are protected from various types of (extreme) weather. And the IP class also guarantees that the deck lights are resistant to dust carried by the wind.

A beautiful setting outside
In addition to the outdoor deck lights, Lucide also offers a great variety of other types of outdoor lighting. Combine them to create a brilliant lighting plan outside. Take a look at our wall lighting on your terrace wall or fence in the exact same style as your deck lights, for example. The combination with outdoor pendant lights or lamp posts can also create fairy tale scenes. Just out there in your garden.