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Lucide uses cookies on this website. You might think: "But you sell lighting, right?" That's right! Our mission is to illuminate your world and choice process. It is not without reason that our brand name is Lucide, which means clear, bright and radiant light. In the cookie statement below, we would like to tell you clearly why we use cookies and why we appreciate the fact that, in addition to the essential cookies, you also accept the marketing cookies. But in the end, the choice is up to you!

1. What are cookies?

Like any other website, Lucide uses cookies. These cookies are stored in the form of ‘small text files’ on your computer or mobile device, so that you can fully experience our website with all the associated functionalities.

2. What does Lucide use cookies for?

We use different types of cookies for different purposes, but the essence is always the same: the cookies allow us to make your user experience more relevant and personal. And as you know, the style of your interior and your taste for lighting are very personal. That is why we would like to give you the right inspiration at the right time in your search.

3. What types of cookies does Lucide use?

The cookies that Lucide uses can be divided into two main groups: cookies that are necessary for our website to function properly (essential, functional cookies) and cookies that we use for marketing purposes.

3.1. Essential cookies

As a user, you do not need to give consent for these cookies because they are necessary for our website to function properly for you and because they do not infringe your sense of personal privacy. To make it easy, these essential cookies are again divided into analytical and functional cookies.

3.1.1. Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies, among other things, to keep track of our website data and to make improvements based on this. For example, we look at which information is relevant to display and where visitors may get stuck on our site. In addition, we can also take a critical look at our range and the trends of tomorrow based on the use of filters and searches, with the aim of being able to present a complete range. Don't worry, these data are stored anonymously and cannot be traced back to you as a person.

3.1.2. Functional cookies

The use of functional cookies is necessary to make our website work as well as possible for you. Do you choose to use the website in Dutch, for example? Then we save this choice on the basis of a cookie. This means that you do not have to choose the right settings again on your next visit. Handy, right?

3.2. Marketing cookies

For these cookies, we ask for your consent when you visit our webshop for the first time. As mentioned earlier, these cookies enable us to offer you relevant inspiration outside the webshop in the form of advertisements. This includes tracking cookies and third-party cookies. These cookies are also stored in such a way that we, as Lucide, cannot trace them back to you as an individual.

3.2.1. Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies enable us to see whether certain ads fit your personal preference. Through tracking cookies, we can offer you further inspiration in your search for lighting. And just as important: we don't show you ads that don't suit your preference! In addition, we can use the tracking cookies to determine a maximum number of ads that you will see.

3.2.2. Third-party cookies

When the tracking cookie is placed by a third party instead of us, we call that a ‘third-party cookie’. On our site, we allow professional marketing parties such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest and Vimeo to use such cookies. If Lucide uses advertisements on these platforms, these cookies can also be used there to offer you the right inspiration in the form of advertisements. For these types of cookies, too, both Lucide and these parties must do everything possible to ensure that these cannot be traced back to you as an individual. We allow third parties to place cookies, but without being able to access, store or share your personal data.

3.3. Geolocation

In addition to cookies, you will see that the browser in many cases asks to access your location. Here too, don't worry! Unlike cookies, these data are not stored at all, nor can we, as Lucide, trace them back to you as an individual. Sharing your location enables us to show you the right content on the webshop. In this way, we can show you the right (online) shops, if relevant, depending on the country from which you visit our site. We also sort the physical shops by relevance, based on distance. In addition, we adjust the contact information on the site, such as email address and telephone number, depending on your location. This way, we think we can help you as quickly as possible with your purchase as well as with any questions and/or service.

4. All cookies used

For anyone who likes to sink their teeth into the slightly more technical side of our cookies, we provide an overview of all the cookies we use on our website below.

Name of cookie






2 years

The _ga cookie, installed by Google Analytics, calculates visitor, session and campaign data and also tracks the use of the site for the site's analytics report. The cookie stores information anonymously and assigns a randomly generated number to recognize unique visitors.



1 minute

Every time you click on something on the website, you send a request to our server. The _gat cookie, installed by Google Analytics, aims to limit the number of ‘requests’. This will mainly be the case with robots, which are automated tools that quickly read the entire website (and thus send a huge number of requests to the server). By limiting these requests in terms of quantity, we prevent them from slowing down our website for you, as a visitor. The cookie will not store personal data.



1 day

The _gid cookie, installed by Google Analytics, stores information on how visitors use our website and makes an analytical report on the performance of the website. The data collected are, for example, the number of visitors, their source, and the pages they visit anonymously.




This cookie, which is issued by Microsoft's ASP.NET application, is used to identify sessions. A session is the time you actively spend on our website. Your session ends automatically at midnight or if you are no longer active on our website for 30 minutes or more.



1 week

This cookie remembers your country to introduce you to (web) shops in your country.



1 year

This cookie remembers your preference to allow or deny the use of cookies.



3 months

This cookie is placed by Facebook to display ads when you are on Facebook or on a digital platform on which Facebook ads are offered, after a visit to the website.



1 day

Vimeo installs this cookie to collect information anonymously by setting a unique ID to embed videos on the website.



1 year

This is an indirect cookie in which actions are grouped for users who cannot be identified by Pinterest. This contains a unique UUID in order to group actions on different pages. Translated into human language: This cookie is used by Pinterest to anonymously track the use of its services on our website. As a result, we can also show you relevant inspiration via Pinterest.



1 year

This is a direct cookie in which actions are grouped for users who cannot be identified by Pinterest. This contains a unique UUID in order to group actions on different pages. Translated into human language: This cookie is used by Pinterest to anonymously track the use of its services on our website. As a result, we can also show you relevant inspiration via Pinterest.




This cookie is placed by our CMS (Content Management System). This cookie is usually only seen by website managers who have access to the backend of the website and not by general visitors. Normally, you will not encounter this cookie.




This is an 'anti-forgery token'. An anti-forgery token is used to prevent CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) attacks. This is loaded when you consult a contact form, for example.


5. How long are these cookies stored?
5.1. Temporary cookies

Session or temporary cookies will be used most frequently for functional and analytical purposes. These are almost always removed immediately after your session (the time you spend on our website). Other ‘temporary’ cookies that are not linked to your sessions are automatically deleted after a few minutes or hours.

5.2. Permanent cookies

Permanent cookies are stored for a longer period than one session. These can be both functional cookies (such as saving your language so that you do not have to choose your language again on your next visit to the website) and cookies for marketing purposes. The term ‘permanent’ must be taken here with a grain of salt, because in practice we will only store your cookies as long as they remain relevant (with a maximum of 2 years). For example, there is no point in showing you an advertisement about a product that you viewed 2 years ago.

An overview of all cookies used on this website and their lifespan can be found under: 4. All cookies used.

6. How can cookies be disabled or deleted?
6.1. Disabling cookies

Click here if you only want to allow essential cookies. Would you prefer not to allow essential cookies? Then click here to refuse all cookies. Do take into account that this website may no longer work properly when rejecting all cookies.

If you want to disable cookies from specific third parties, you can do so at

You can also choose not to have your browser store cookies. You can set your browser settings so that your browser rejects all cookies or only cookies from third parties. Please note that this can cause these (and other) websites and web shops to no longer work properly. In addition, this will not ensure that you will no longer see any ads at all, this will only ensure that the ads will no longer be tailored to your interests and recent search behaviour. You can see here how to adjust this per browser:
Google ChromeMozilla FirefoxSafariInternet ExplorerMicrosoft Edge

6.2. Deleting cookies

Depending on the browser you are using, you can easily delete all your cookies. Please note that when deleting your cookies, you may have to reset all your preferences, such as language, stored products...

View here how you can delete your cookies per browser:

6.2.1. Google Chrome

- Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner.
- Go to History > History > Clear browser data to open the tool where you can delete browser data (such as cookies).
- You can now choose to delete only the cookies from the last hour, the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, the last 4 weeks or all cookies. You will also be given the choice to delete your history, cookies and cached images and files separately.

6.2.2. Mozilla Firefox

- Click on the 3 dashes in the top right corner.
- Go to Options > Privacy > Delete individual cookies to open the tool to delete cookies
- Click on ‘Delete all’.

6.2.3. Safari

- In Safari, go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Delete saved cookies and data > Manage website data > Delete everything.

6.2.4. Microsoft Edge

- Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner.
- Go to Settings > Internet Options > General and under ‘Clear browser data’ you will find the option ‘Choose what you want to delete’.
- Select ‘Cookies’ and click on ‘Delete’.

6.2.5. Internet Explorer

- Click on the gear in the top right corner.
- Go to Internet Options  > General and find ‘Browser History’.
- Check here what you want to delete (‘Cookies and Website data if you want to delete cookies) and click on ‘Delete’.

7. And finally

Lucide's goal is to offer you the best possible user experience and to support you as well as possible in your search for high-quality lighting. To achieve this, the use of cookies is of great importance to us. We therefore hope that with this page we were able to provide you with sufficient information about Lucide's cookie policy and how the use of cookies is an advantage for you – as a website user – rather than a disadvantage.

We have compiled this document carefully to inform you as well as possible about our cookie policy. Have you nevertheless noticed a mistake somewhere, or is something not yet completely clear? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!

The Lucide Team