Mission & vision

To this day, Lucide stays committed to the mission of founder and current CEO Ward Mertens. This means to enlighten your world and choice process.

With a high quality and differentiating range, our goal is to unburden you. We hope this will lead to us becoming the starting point in the search for high quality and affordable lighting. We do this by adhering to a clear strategy.

Pioneering and trend setting.
Aside from the successful existing collection, Lucide brings out about 500 new designs every year. By anticipating new trends in material, colour, and innovative design, Lucide sets the trend in lighting. The harmonious cooperation between the lighting designers and the purchase department enables Lucide to be the first to launch the newest trends on the market. This shouldn’t surprise, given that the short lines in the family company facilitate quick decision making.

The right value for money.
Lucide avoids unnecessary overhead costs. That’s why we can always offer you the best value for money for our designs. Our idea is using high quality materials and design without unnecessary features. Let’s be honest, it’s premium materials combined with the right colours and eye for detail that eventually create the desired look and feel.

We keep it simple.
The Lucide brand name refers to the word lucid, which means transparent, clear and comprehensible. This captivates the essence of Lucide! No excessively complicated designs, and a straightforward assembly. We offer easy-to-use and practical lighting, accessible to both professional installers and consumers.

Eyes on the future.
This not only means acting on trends in the market, but also on overall changes in needs. For instance, when designing, we take the need for energy efficiency in to account. Another example is our thoroughly innovative take on designing outdoor lighting and bathroom lighting. As a result, we can always offer you lighting that fits the here and now, and that’s keeping in perfectly with the demands and needs of the market.

Lucide is a family.
At Lucide, we consider both our 75 enthusiastic employees and our customers our family. This means that we strive for a premium customer experience and customer service. And yes, now and then we might encounter the odd bump in the road, but thanks to the absence of protocol we’re always capable of finding a proper solution.