Under cabinet lighting is the perfect solution
With our under cabinet lighting you can create the perfect lighting solution for every counter. Of course, the counter is one area of the kitchen that you want to light properly. Not just because you want to see what you’re doing, but also because you often prepare food at high temperatures. Go for perfect comfort and install under cabinet lighting by Lucide.

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Under cabinet lighting for dark corners
The upper cabinets of the kitchen often cast dark shadows on the counter. This can’t be solved by a ceiling light, for example: because you’re in the way, that light doesn’t fully reach the counter. That’s why the various types of Lucide under cabinet lights are so perfect. They create the right amount of lighting when you’re cooking, frying or working at the counter.

Simple installation
For this type of lighting, Lucide offers a wide variety of high-quality options for an affordable price. These light sources are easy to install in both cabinets and shelves. This also makes under cabinet lighting ideal for lighting, say, a workbench for any hobby that require good light.

Space-saving lighting
Another big advantage of under cabinet lighting is that it saves space. As opposed to the generous lighting it offers, the lamp itself is hardly visible when it’s installed. Lucide offers various sizes that match your lighting preferences seamlessly, and we offer various modern lights that will certainly match your kitchen look. You can choose integrated LED lighting, for example, for a beautiful diffuse lighting effect. In short, the Lucide under cabinet lighting is your perfect kitchen help.

Matching light bulbs
Also visit Lucide for other light bulbs in your kitchen and dining room. For example, take a look at our matching wall lighting or flush ceiling lights with the same style as the lighting under your cabinets. We also have beautiful pendant lights in our assortment to provide your dining table with a sparkling atmospheric light. For every kitchen look we have a wide selection of lights. Check out our website and compose the best light bulbs for your kitchen and dining room!