Recessed lighting

Beautiful custom recessed lighting
Are you looking for recessed lighting to create the most beautiful lighting effects? Then you’ve come to the right place at Lucide. We offer recessed spotlights and other recessed lighting options that allow you to create the exact ambiance you want. Go for downlight or a diffuse lighting effect, the Lucide recessed lighting that can be dimmed, and much more. For your bathroom, specifically, we also have recessed spotlights with higher IP levels.

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Lucide ZIVA - Recessed spotlight Bathroom - Ø 8,5 cm - 1xGU10 - IP44 - White



Lucide ZIVA - Recessed spotlight Bathroom - Ø 8,4 cm - 1xGU10 - IP44 - Black



Lucide ZIVA - Recessed spotlight Bathroom - 1xGU10 - IP44 - Black



Lucide ZIVA - Recessed spotlight Bathroom - 1xGU10 - IP44 - White



Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting: much to choose from at Lucide
At Lucide, you will find much to choose from when it comes to recessed ceiling spotlights. For example, we offer recessed lighting in many different colours and shapes, as well as sizes. You can be sure to always find the right recessed spotlights for you. How about a modern, square recessed spotlight in matte chrome, for example, or classic white, round recessed spotlights? The options are limitless! Simply select your preferences on our product pages.

Recessed wall and stair lights
In addition to the recessed spotlight, Lucide also offers recessed wall lights and stair lights. These lights create beautiful diffuse lighting effects on the stairs. And this type of lighting is also very functional. The stair lights are made of high-quality metal and can simply be connected to a wall switch.

Recessed spotlights for the bathroom
For the bathroom, specifically, Lucide offers various recessed spotlights with a higher IP level. We offer the IP classes IP20, IP40, IP44 and IP65. Which IP class is most suitable for your bathroom? It depends on the area in your bathroom where you want to install the lights. The closer to a source of water, the higher the IP class needs to be. If you’re not sure which IP class to choose, feel free to contact us or check out this blog post!

No drilling?
If you want to avoid the drill and the hassle of installing recessed lights, Lucide also offers ceiling lights. For these lights, too, we offer numerous styles, colours, designs and materials. Are you looking for a nice, diffuse lighting effect? Take a look at our flush ceiling lights. And if you are looking for a downlight direction, check out our ceiling spotlights (/en/shop/lighting/ceiling-lights/ceiling-spotlights). To truly complete your light plan, our website also offers wall lighting and other beautiful light types with the exact same style.