Pendant lights

The pendant light for every living style
Looking for a pendant light that fits your interior perfectly? At Lucide we dare to guarantee we have it. Why? We have a big, leading and trendsetting collection of pendant lights. This means a lot of choice for every different living style. The lamps vary in model, size and colour and much more. What else could you wish for? Quickly take a look on our website and find out which Lucide pendant light completes your home.

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Pendant lights

A suiting pendant light for your interior
You don’t casually buy a pendant light. You first define what lamp fits your interior and if this type of lamp fits your budget. At Lucide we offer both things. We have pendant lights in a big variety of designs, affordable for everyone and suitable for every type of interior. It doesn’t matter if you have a modern of classic living style. We even offer lighting that fits a retro, rustic, vintage, Oriental and Scandinavian living style. Besides pendant lights, this also goes for standing lamps, desk lamps, wall lighting and a lot of other types of lighting.

The big eyecather
Looking for that one eyecatcher for in you entrance, above your dining table or in your living room? Take a look at our chandeliers. Especially for the classic and rustic interior styles, these big eyecatchers will give that “finishing touch” that blows your mind. On our site you easily select the wished material, the amount of light bulbs, the colour and your type of living style.

From trendy to modern and more
Does your home have a modern of industrial look? Choose for example for a Lucide pendant light in bright white or stylish black. We offer a lot of different options in this range as well. Because besides colour, you can also choose for a light that changes in height, has a dimmer and much more.

Made for the outdoors
Would you like a outdoor pendant light? Don’t look any further, because we offer a lot of different types of pendant lights suitable for the outdoors. Besides, for the outdoor lighting you also easily select your living style and you’ll discover our wide range of beautiful lighting sources. Piece by piece they are made of strong material that does not wear under temperature of different weather circumstances. Ideal right?