Ceiling lights

The decorative ceiling light from Lucide
The ceiling light is the most used form of lighting and for that reason we have a large collection of ceiling lights at Lucide. Our ceiling lights are characterized by a high decorative level, which suits every interior style. You can order Lucide ceiling lights in different designs. For example, we have ceiling spotlights which create beautiful accent lighting. Besides that, we also sell ceiling lights for general lighting: flush ceiling lights. We also offer ceiling lights that can be integrated into your ceiling.

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Ceiling lights

Ceiling light for accents and ambience
When you want to accentuate a certain element in your house, ceiling spotlights are very good option. For example, imagine you would like to put some focus on beautiful accessories, a painting, a picture or a piece of art. Besides that, ceiling spotlights have the possibilities to create ambience nuances on a wall. At Lucide you can choose between different sizes of ceiling spotlights, with variations in style, colour, material and amount of light bulbs.

Flush ceiling lights for every interior
You will find the same large amount of possibilities to choose from in our collection of flush ceiling lights. These ceiling lights create a general and even amount of light in every type of room. We offer flush ceiling lights that fit every interior style so they form a whole with the rest of your home. Think of the Lucide ceiling light in a modern, classic, rustic, retro or even vintage style.

Colour, material and amount of light bulbs
But that is not the only thing we offer. Buying a ceiling light like a flush ceiling light means you can choose between different colours and materials as well at Lucide. Easily select the colour of your preference and what material you want you want your light to be made of. Besides that, you can select how many light bulbs your want your flush ceiling light to have. For example, choose for a flush light with multiple fittings which create a beautiful piece.

Lucide recessed spotlights
Would you like to integrate your ceiling light into your ceiling, go for the spotlights from the Lucide recessed lighting. Our recessed spotlights are suitable for every room in your home, like your living and kitchen. For the bathroom we have lovely recessed lighting as well, with high IP classification. Our collection also includes recessed wall lighting and recessed stair lighting. You can choose for downlight or for example for beautiful diffused light for a magnificent ambience effect. In short, choose for the affordable, high quality ceiling lights from Lucide.