New energy labels in 2021: These are the changes for lighting

Electrical appliances and lighting have been provided with energy labels for decades. The labels give you essential information about the energy consumption and energy efficiency of the lamp in question. A new energy label has been applied since September 1, 2021. We'll introduce you.


What are the most important changes with the new label?

1) – A new measuring scale indicates the energy efficiency of the lamp or light bulb.

2) – More focus is placed on energy-efficient LED modules and LED bulbs. The goal is to increase the efficiency of these LED bulbs and integrated LED modules. The former energy classes such as A, A+ and A++ were confusing. LED technology is constantly becoming more efficient and economical. Now you get a lower label with the same strong score in terms of energy efficiency. This means that in the future there will be room for even more energy-efficient bulbs and/or LED modules.

3) – A unique QR code on the energy label will lead you to additional information. By scanning the code, you reach the EPREL database, where you can find everything about your bulb. EPREL stands for European Product Database for Energy Labelling. Its purpose: Promoting transparent and providing easy-to-check data in one central location.


The new measuring scale

There was quite a bit of uncertainty about the different A-classes. These have now been taken out of circulation, and the classification is adjusted: the new system contains seven classes, which range from A to G. No more A+, A++ and A+++.

The new labels are applicable to all light bulbs. This includes, of course, LED lighting, but also lighting fixtures with an integrated light bulb. A light fixture without an integrated light bulb does not receive a label.


What do you find on the new energy label?

  • manufacturer's name (Lucide)
  • identification of the model (e.g.: 03603-05-12)
  • the energy efficiency classes, from A to G
  • the energy consumption in kWh per 1,000 hours
  • a QR code to get additional information

Old versus new classification of the energy label

New technology will undoubtedly further increase the efficiency of bulbs and further reduce energy consumption. The new energy label is already anticipating these future improvements. As a result, light bulbs that used to get an A-label (+ or + +) for Lucide now get a maximum class of D. But rest assured: they are still equally energy-efficient.

Below you will find a comparison table between the old and the new classification for lamps, with the designated lumen per watt per class.

You can find the full formula in the infographic below:


Your advantage as a consumer
The new energy label was primarily developed with you, the consumer, in mind. Experience the benefits yourself:

  • Clear classification: no more confusion between the A-classes and room for higher classifications in the future.
  • Reduced consumption: the requirements around energy consumption are becoming increasingly stringent, resulting in an ongoing effort to find even more economical solutions. Less consumption, more energy efficiency.
  • QR code: each bulb has a corresponding QR code* that you can scan for additional information about the product, its performance and features:



Save the date(s)

  • Introduction of new energy labels for electronic devices: March 1, 2021.
  • Introduction of new energy labels for lighting: September 1, 2021 -> transition for online shops and presentation in physical stores.
  • Invalidity of old energy labels: March 1, 2023* -> these old energy labels now also have to disappear from all packaging in the shops.

*You may still find old energy labels until February 28, 2023. These will not immediately go out of circulation and will continue to show up here and there on packaging in physical shops. This way, we avoid additional costs and pollution. As of March 1, 2023, the old energy labels will be taken out of circulation, so you will only find the new labels.

For your convenience, we present it in a clear timeline.



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