At which height should I mount a wall light?

Great! You have a new wall light and you want to hang it. You enthusiastically unpack your lamp and hold it against the wall to see where you want it. But then all of a sudden you think: "Um... how high should this be?" We have asked some experts for the best way to handle this.

Why choose a wall light?
With wall lighting you can enhance the ambiance in the house. You can use it, for example, to accentuate a wall perfectly! Or to give that extra dimension to your interior. Super cool!

At which height should you mount a wall light?
In general, you mount a wall light at a height of about 1.70m. As a rule, a wall light is suspended at eye level so that it does not shine into your eyes, as this can be annoying, especially with bright LED light sources. However, it is a matter of personal taste and you can determine the height yourself. Do you live with more than one adult in the house? Then use the average of your eye heights.

Tip: Look at the radiation of the light before you mount the wall light and determine what you like. For example, do you want part of the ceiling to be illuminated? Does the ratio between illumination of the wall and illumination of the ceiling look nice to you?

What are the exceptions?
Do you have a specific purpose for your wall lighting? Such as staircase lighting, a skylight, a mezzanine or a wall light with reading arm. Then see what's practical. Different rules apply in such situations.

Which rooms are not recommended for installing a wall light?

  • Small spaces where a lot of light is desired. A ceiling light has a larger light beam than a wall light and will provide better illumination for the room as a whole.
  • When you need lighting to work by. In the kitchen, for example, it is best to work with spotlights that shine directly onto the worktop. This ensures that there is no shadow and your work is well lit.
Wall light Arthur

Wall light Arthur

Wall light Zora-LED

Wall light Zora-LED

Do you want wall lighting in the bathroom or outside?
Then you should make sure that you use a suitable fixture and a that the IP value of the lighting is correct. 

What is the usual mounting height of sockets and switching equipment?
Sockets are placed at a height of approximately 25-30 cm above the finished floor. Switches at a height of about 110 cm. For greater ease of use, you can choose to place the socket at the same height as the switch. For example, in a garage or garden house. In the kitchen you have to follow a kitchen plan for the exact position of the sockets.

What else do you have to think about when mounting a wall light?

  • Always turn off the power in the fuse box before you start working on the lights!
  • Do not mount your wall light until the floor is finished and clean. This will prevent height differences.
  • Make sure that the wiring is connected correctly.
  • Make sure that the mounting plate of the wall light falls over the flush-mounted box.
  • Always consult the manual of the fixture you purchased to be entirely sure.

Step-by-step mounting of a wall light:

  1. Shut off the power in the fuse box! It is not sufficient to just turn off the wall switch.
  2. Think about where you want to place your wall light, considering the tips above.
  3. Measure where the wall lighting should go and mark the position.
  4. Drill the holes you have just marked.
  5. Cut and strip the wires coming out of the wall at the desired length (not too short, make sure there is some slack).
  6. Connect the wall light.
  7. Hang the wall light.
  8. Turn the power back on in the fuse box.
  9. Enjoy your self-mounted wall light!


Wall light Claire

Wall light Claire

Wall light XIO

Wall light XIO

What tools do you need for this job?

  • Screwdriver (insulated)
  • Wire stripper
  • Cutters
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level/square angle
  • Drill with a drill bit of the correct diameter
  • Pencil
  • Safety glasses

If you use a flush mount box you can mount the wall bracket directly onto the box and all you need is a screwdriver. When there is only a wiring duct that comes out of the wall, make sure you have a drill ready (and possibly a vacuum cleaner to suck up the grit immediately, this will prevent dirty walls).

We wish you a lot of success! Did you still run into an issue during the mounting process and do you have questions? Please feel free to ask us. We will be happy to help you. You can reach us via our social media channels or the contact form on our website. 

Greetings from Lucide 😊