Table lamps

Adding extra character with a table lamp
The table lamp gives off a beautiful diffuse lighting effect that adds extra character to your home. It also creates an extra bright spot in your living room. At Lucide you can find unique table lamps with sparkling designs that match your specific demands and style perfectly. Whether you have a modern, classic or retro home look. The Lucide table lamp always makes a strong style statement. Which lamp will you choose?

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Lucide CORDULLE - Table lamp - 1xE27 - Black



Lucide CORDULLE - Table lamp - 1xE27 - Natural



Lucide CORDULLE - Table lamp - 1xE27 - Grey



Lucide TUNDRAN - Table lamp - 2xGU10 - Black



Lucide TANSELLE - Table lamp - Ø 15 cm - 1xE14 - Multicolor



Lucide TANNER - Table lamp - Ø 10 cm - 1xE27 - Black



Lucide THOR - Table lamp - 1xE27 - Grey iron




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Table lamps

The unique table lamp of Lucide
Because no room is the same, Lucide offers a great variety of lamps that match your specific home look perfectly. Combine your preferences simply by selecting them with the filter option on our website. On our product page of table lamps you can select whether you want a trendy industrial look or a rustic style, among other options, such as Eastern styles and Scandinavian vintage. The same versatility can also be found in our other lamp types, such as wall lighting and pendant lights.

Affordable lamp design
When you select your preferences on our website, you might notice that the lamp designs are surprisingly affordable. But all our lamps are also of exceptionally high quality. We don’t just offer a great variety of choices for different styles, but also different designs. We offer numerous shapes and colours for your home, as well as various types of material. This also applies to the number of light bulbs that your Lucide table lamp should have.

Lamps that can be dimmed and tilted
In addition to style and design, you can also select whether or not you want to be able to dim your lamp. But that’s not all: you can also choose whether the lamp should be tiltable, turnable, or both. You can even choose the direction in which the lamp should be able to tilt or turn, namely horizontally or vertically.

Functional lamps on the table or your desk
Are you looking for a table lamp that should mostly just be functional? Check out our desk lamps. These lamps create a pleasant atmosphere to work in or to do other things that require concentration. The desk lamps focus strongly on the light specifications and adjustability options of the lamp. This avoids exhaustion and allows you to concentrate optimally.