Standing lamps

Standing lamp as an extra light source in every style
The standing lamp is popular because it can be used as an extra source of light in the living room, the hall or the study, for example. The Lucide standing lamp is not just designed stylishly, but it’s also affordable and has a high quality. In our product category of standing lamps we distinguish between floor lamps, floor reading lamps and arc floor lamps. You will always find the lighting you’re looking for.

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Lucide CELESTE - Floor lamp - Ø 28 cm - LED Dim. - 1x21W 2700K - Black




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Standing lamps

Standing lamp with diffuse bright spot
If you’re looking for an additional diffuse bright spot in your living room, for example, take a look at our collection of floor lamps. Each of these lamps is designed with surprising details that suit every interior style. This type of Lucide standing lamp is available for interiors with classic, modern, industrial or rustic home look. In addition, we also offer retro and Scandinavian vintage style lamps. Our collection has a suitable lamp for every style.

Lamps to read by
If you want to use the standing lamp primarily to read by, our collection of floor reading lamps floor reading lamps deserves to be mentioned. These Lucide standing lamps are perfect to read a good book or a magazine with: that’s what they were designed for. They offer the right amount of light, adjustability and light colour. One of the things this means is that they prevent reading exhaustion. Of course we didn’t just focus on functionality when designing these lamps, but also on sparkling designs. Take your time to look at our product page and select the reading lamp that matches your interior style perfectly.

Functional arc floor lamps
Our standing lamps with special arc constructions, or arc floor lamps, were designed specifically to cast their light from a certain point on the room on, say, your table. Without standing in the way, these lamps light up your coffee table, dining table or desk in style.

Special arc construction
You can place these Lucide standing lamps behind the sofa, for example, or behind another piece of furniture in the corner of the room. The arc construction can then be used to light up a different area of the room. Isn’t that great? The arc floor lamps are available in every interior style at Lucide. This allows you to create a sparkling whole with functionality and design.