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Find the right lamp part at Lucide
Are you looking for a lamp part, such as a lamp shade or lamp base? At Lucide, you came to the right place. Our range offers matching lamp parts for practically every style. From classic to vintage and from rustic to trendy: Lucide has it all. Use the handy filter options on our website to quickly find the Lucide lamp part you’re looking for.

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Lamp parts

Lamp part: the Lucide lamp shades
For lamp shades in every style you have plenty to choose from at Lucide. Let’s suppose that you have an amazing lamp base, but your lamp shade broke. Instead of buying an entire lamp, you can simply buy a new lamp shade with Lucide in the exact same style as the lamp base. The result shouldn’t surprise you. But you can also combine different lamp parts in any way you like. For example, when you like your interior design, but you want to shake things up a little with some new accents.

Lamp bases in various colours and shapes
And of course, this also applies to the Lucide lamp base. By combining different variations you can add a great new look to your home. Lucide offers a great range of lamp bases with different colours, such as bronze, rust-brown, chrome and matte chrome. The same wide range of options is available for the design of the lamp base. From trendy sleek and straight with a square base to round bases with an elegant fixture.

In the same style as your new Lucide table lamp
When you have found the table lamp of your dreams at Lucide, and you want to create the same look among your other lights, a lamp part is the perfect solution. With a matching lamp shade or lamp base you can create a stylish new light. Both during the day and at night. Who wouldn’t want that? We invite you to unleash your creativity on our website. At Lucide, we are confident in claiming we can always pleasantly surprise you.

Other types of lighting that match perfectly
If you want to go wild, also check out our pendant lights (/en/shop/lighting/pendant-lights) or wall lights that match the table lamp and lamp parts of your dreams perfectly. Discover a wide range for every style at Lucide. Every day we do everything we can to offer our customers the best lighting plans.